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PF 2024 and Christmas opening hours

We will ship the last goods this year on Friday 15th December 2023. From December 21st, 2023 to January 2nd, 2024 we will have christmas vacation, then we will look forward to seeing you again  in full commitment.

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Horizontal cyclone for briquetting

Pavel Frys carpentry is a family company. The carpentry trade has been passed down in this family for six generations. Currently, the main activity is complex solutions for window and door systems, HS portals and custom furniture production. After the construction of the new workshop, Mr. Frys equipped the workshop with new machines and approached us with a request for extraction system. Taking into account the low ceiling height at the location of the extraction device, we chose the FT 618 filter unit with an automatic shaker system, only 295 cm high and designed just for these low ceilings. For better waste processing, Mr. Frys took advantage of our offer to buy an older briquetting press, on top of which we placed a horizontal cyclone. The briquettes are then used for heating the workshop in winter. Mr. Frys wished to do the installation himself, which he managed absolutely brilliantly. The entire system works to the complete satisfaction of both the owners and the workers in the workshop.

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Production of molds for bridge structures

In cooperation with Mr. Švestka from PANAS company, we implemented the extraction of the most modern SCM nesting line in the appreciated construction company SMP CZ, a.s.

The nesting line is intended for the production of molds for bridge structures.

Due to the demanding capacity of the machine, we used an atypical solution containing two fans with 9.2 kW motors fed into one filter unit.

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Our boys in action

The deadline is the deadline, so sometimes even our boys, sales and technical representatives, go to overalls. You may recognize some of them in the photos.

Implementation of extraction unit in the cutting center of the company Démos trade a.s. in Sokolnice.

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Preparation of carbon components in the Mubea company

Company Mubea, important supplier of automotive components, has equipped its production facility with heating oven ADAMIK AHT 370. Our heating oven will be used for preparation of carbon components which are produced by Mubea in Zebrak for Volkswagen Group and mainly for the premium division Porsche.

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Extraction unit with container for LACHMAN INTERIER DESIGN

In 1993, the Lachman brothers founded a company that has developed into the most important custom furniture manufacturers in the Czech Republic within 25 years.

It deals with the processing of solid wood, veneer, flat materials with laminate surfaces, fireproof boards and polymer stone.

The symbiosis of carpenters' experience and production with state-of-the-art technologies and quality partners has led to hundreds of satisfied clients around the world.

Mr. Lachman approached us at the end of 2018 with a request for a solution for the extraction of three CNC machines and an automatic doweling machine. The Lachman company has a central extraction system, but unfortunately this unit no longer had sufficient capacity to connect new CNC machines and dowel pins, and therefore these machines were extracted by local bag dust collectors. Insufficient performance and dust when emptying the bags were the main reason why Mr. Lachman was looking for a different solution.

Increasing the central extraction capacity would be technically and financially demanding, which is why we proposed strengthening the extraction capacity using a separated FT 650 LZ unit with a container, which is emptied into the existing central extraction system after the shift is completed. The extraction capacity of the central extraction unit was thus increased and at the same time we solved the need to dispose of bagged waste.

This system has been operating for over a year to the full satisfaction of owners and employees.

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EBS 900 for Yggdrasilmont

Yggdrasilmont is a company with a young and energetic team dealing with furniture, playgrounds made of acacia wood and elements of wooden architecture.

The first contact with Mr. Michal Petřík was in September 2019.

Due to the fact that the company has just moved the workshop to new premises, they asked us for a comprehensive solution of the extraction, including waste recovery.

Our EBS system is designed for these cases. It helps keep the workshop clean and the briquettes save on heating costs.

In order to make the work easier, we also installed pneumatic shutters into the piping system and automatic start of the dust collector in parallel with the machine.

The installation took place in February 2020.

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Combiformer Eco in Belgium

When Mr. Adrien Chaufheid from Belgian company MSMPro Tuex visited us at the Ligna+ exhibition in Hannover, he enthusiastically told us about his plans to build a new hall and new equipment that he would like to buy.

Exactly a year has passed and the new hall stands with new machinery, including solid surface thermoforming machine ADAMIK Combiformer Eco from our company.

We would like to thank MSMPro Tuex company for their trust.

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Outside extraction unit FT 760

Installation of outside unit FT 760 4 kW A – with automatic filter shaker and air recuperation.

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EBS system for SITUS furniture s.r.o.

Company SITUS furniture s. r. o. is family company owned by Mr. Husička that deals with chair production. The production facility and showroom is located in Litovel closed by Olomouc. Mr. Husička chose our company as extraction suplier within his technology investment. Based on production analyze we proposed the EBS System that allows beside the wood waste extraction also the production of briquettes.

A word from the owner

„ADAMIK Company shares similar values to ours. It is czech company with family traditions located in Moravia region. They have something similar to our family business which is always helpful. We were looking for smart and functional solution from the very beginning. The utilization of wood waste to briquettes is what is closing the production cycle. Our production process is just starting up, but so far we are very satisfied.“

SITUS furniture s. r. o. – chairs with the soul

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In July 2018 we were approached by company C. BECHSTEIN EUROPE s.r.o. from Hradec Králové, which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of pianos, with a demand for extraction system.

The client chose the EUROFILTER unit, which is equipped with, among other things, the shaker systém with the fire extinguisher.

The advantage of this unit is also the capturing of waste into containers that can be easily handled.

We also agreed with the production management on the connection of other equipment, which was insufficiently extracted by the existing extraction.

EUROFILTER has sufficient capacity to extract these additional devices as well.

Installation of the unit and the associated piping system took place in February 2019.

The EUROFILTER unit was placed on the floor and the pipeline led through the floor to the workplace located lower.

At the end of April 2019 we visited C.BECHSTEIN EUROPE again. We were very pleased with the positive feedback from the production department staff.

The great benefit of this unit is also the fact that they have finally got rid of ubiquitous impurities in the workplace.

We appreciate that C.BECHTEIN EUROPE has put confidence in us and look forward to further cooperation.

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Dust collector FT 616 A for Emil Obořil company

At the end of October 2018, we received an inquiry from the company Emil Obořil for the dust extraction system for Homag BHX CNC and edgebanding machines with pre-milling HOMAG.

Firstly we took the measurements of the workshop and then we chose the dust collector FT 616 A as the most appropriate unit.

So we sent an offer to Mr. Obořil for this dust collector, piping system with connection to the machines included.

Mr. Obořil was so interested by this offer he received that he decided to order this extraction system for his second workshop, where it is necessary to exhaust the HOMAG cutting center and SCM format saw.

We agreed that the FT 616 A dust collector unit is the most suitable for the second workshop, and we also designed a suitable piping system as well.

At the cutting center we have installed the cleaning system with a vacuum suction pipe that eases the procedure of cleaning the workshop.

Due to the lack of space, Mr. Obořil had a requirement to hang the fan under the ceiling.

As you can see on the photos, we have also solved this problem.

The realization was carried out in mid-December 2018.

We would like to thank Mr. Obořil for his trust.

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