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Covered extraction devices suitable for placement outside the workshop. This extraction series are equipped with filter regeneration and can be further equipped with recuperation for the return of warm air to the workshop premises in winter.

The extractors are equipped with high-efficiency fans, which are characterized by excellent performance at low power consumption and low noise. The use of these fans significantly saves operating costs on electricity.

These extraction units can be combined with various types of switchboards that can control the start of the extraction with the machines and open the corresponding flaps on the piping.

At FT 7×x series machines, it is also possible to replace waste bags with a rotary closure for greater automation of waste management.

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Parameters Units FT 734 – FT 799 FT 7081 – FT 7172, with rotary valve
Suction capacity (max) m3/h 6 820 – 14 000 8 800 – 14 000
Underpressure on inlet (max) Pa 3 000 – 5 400 3 000 – 5 400
Filtration area m2/h 34 – 115 81 – 172
Connection to hose mm 280 – 400 315 – 400
Electromotor power kW 3 – 11 4 – 11

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