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Traditional extraction device designed for extraction of individual machines. More powerful extraction can then be used as a smaller central unit and thus extract more machines at once.

The innovative types of these extractors (FT 416, FT 420 and FT 440 series) are designed for extracting edgebanders. Excellent underpressure values are a key characteristic enabling high-quality extraction of edgebander units.

Suction can be combined with different types of filters (standard, hose, cartridge) and waste bags (PVC, textile). Furthermore, the extraction can be equipped with an automatic starter.

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Parameters Unit FT 100 SF – FT 504 HSF
Suction capacity (max) m3/h 1 150 – 9 600
Underpressure on inlet (max) Pa 1 200 – 2 930
Filtration area m2/h 1,1 – 19
Connection to hose mm 100 – 300
Electromotor power kW 0,5 – 3,75

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