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The history of our company dates back to 1989, when the company's founder Ing. Karel Adamík followed in the foosteps of his father  and began to run joinery. Together with his friend, they made original wood products such as kneelers or large chess pieces.

Like many other carpenters, they struggled with great dust at work. And this is where the idea to make an extraction device was born. At that time, Mr. Adamík assembled the first extraction device in his garage and tested it in his friend's wood­working workshop. The dust collector worked better han expected, so Mr. Adamík decided to produce more pieces and focus on this area.

Today, our company is no longer synonymous only with local bag extraction, but its scope is much wider.

A comprehensive solution to the extraction needs – from the design of a suitable unit to assembly, including the piping system and optimization elements – is our standard.

Extraction systems are the main, but not the only area in which we operate. We have also established ourselves on the market in the field of membrane presses and heating furnaces, which have a multidisciplinary overlap. Among our customers you will find companies from the field of automotive, aviation, companies engaged in the production of rail vehicles and products for POP and POS.

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