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In cooperation with the German manufacturer of shredders Reinbold, we are ready to help you with shredding of wood materials, plastics, packaging materials etc. In the offer you can find single and multi-shaft shredders of robust construction with a unique construction of round knives, which excel in a larger area of engagement and long life.

Shredded materiál handling can then be suitably solved with the help of ADAMIK transport fans and cyclones.

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References in category

NÁBYTEK ŠUBRT výroba a prodej s.r.o., Hořice, Czech Republic

AZR 600 crusher

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Rafał Cyganik – SCHODY JURREX, Orzesze, Poland

EBS 1200

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Muzeum Pałacu Króla Jana III w Wilanowie, Warszawa, Poland

EBS 800

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